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Adventures at Rimrock

Great learning occurs when involved parents, eager learners and dedicated teachers work together!



Rimrock Elementary School is nestled against the foothills east of Idaho Falls. Construction began on Rimrock in the fall of 2005.  Learning began for 420 students September 5th, 2006.  Located in a subdivision off 21st Street in Idaho Falls, Rimrock serves several new housing developments under construction in this rapidly growing area.


Rimrock has already grown to bursting and divided once, sharing nearly 200 students with Mountain Valley Elementary School in 2010.  Rimrock currently enjoys a student population of 442 students who attend K-6. 


Our teachers are a dedicated and fun-loving sort who enjoy children and go the extra mile to offer meaningful and rigorous academic challenges.  Our involved and inventive PTO blesses Rimrock staff and students with productive fundraising events and exciting student activities to help meet our instructional and learning needs. 


Families are always welcome and parents encouraged to volunteer in our classrooms and school activities.  Parents are, in truth, a child's first, best teacher.  All Rimrock stakeholders are committed to providing a safe and playful setting where our children blossom in a garden of academic rigor and love.